URANUS – Activism Through the Signs

February 9, 2017

URANUS  and Activism Through the Signs.

The REBEL REBEL planet is always looking for ways to subvert, change and reimagine the paradigm we live within. Now more than ever, we benefit from having a healthy working relationship with our natal Uranus placement, which awakens our ACTIVIST ARCHETYPE.

Activism has subtle and overt manifestations, some of its forms scream like a banshee in a tin can, others slip under the back porch like silent cats at midnight. For the last decade, my own personal activist pursuits happened outside of social vision – in prisons, nursing home corridors, costume boxes and rocking chairs of children’s bedrooms, in the shallow waters of psychic assault. While I was drawn to the humility of service without the scrutiny of display, I now find myself reaching out into unfamiliar territory as I call other, more outward facing parts of myself (and planets) to the task.

As we face, embrace and confront the overwhelming weight of resisting a world that misers our latent freedoms, we can’t afford to slice away parts of ourselves we deem not potent enough for causation. When I break down magnitudes of action into bite-sized task lists, the more I realize the inevitable – we bring all of ourselves.

We become numb when we are expected to act in designated ways outside of our own nature. We starve our intuition and bloody our magic when we try to be the hero we think we should be rather than the hero we are. We are often told in order to be productive we must not dissipate our focus, our energy or our time. We are told there is an effective way, a right way. As we collectively grapple with ways to challenge violence, greed, and hatred, let us remember that our complexities ARE our agency. A phone call to a senator followed by a banishing on way to a community meeting topped off with the ability to swim in the horror, all of them matter. On an archetypal level, I do not believe that being many things dissipates us at all  – all of our parts are being called upon.

Although, I am exploring the twelve archetypal vessels of astrology & activism I want to encourage us to use all of our planets and remember that as sublunary creatures, we have all signs at our disposal.

Where is your natal Uranus?


They ignite. They begin. They launch their brave bodies forward without pause for fear, analysis or questioning. By starting without fixation on consequence or correctness, the Trailblazers show us that we don’t need to sniff out the right path we only need to sharpen our machetes.

While others look for solutions, Trailblazers hack out creations. There is a vitality to everything they touch and a confidence that allows for healthy recklessness.

Bless the Trailblazers that need no permission.


They stand their ground. They sustain momentum that turns so slowly it is undetectable by the quick blooded. By rooting down into causes and not letting up the Earth-Keepers show us that patience makes the impossible possible and that time can work for us.

While others are deterred by obstacles, Earth-Keepers wrap their roots more tightly into what they hold dear. There is a graciousness they bring to everything they touch that shows us how to commit to and trust our own human senses.

Bless the Earth-Keepers that know what their values are.


They invoke. They deliver messages directly into eardrums. They use their words, ideas and logic to cast verbal spells against the news that is wracked with disease. As the use of words becomes a dark weapon for people to say what they please, Message-Senders show us the divine temple of objectivity we must continue to return to.

While others lament the misery of bad information, Message-Senders shoot facts into the airwaves, inboxes and interwebs without hesitation. There is a spontaneity of verbal finesse they bring to everything they say that shows us just how fluid and natural using our voice can be.

Bless the Message-Senders that deliver invocations of truth


They care. A lot. They tune into the emotional pulses of a room, a home, a neighborhood, a world and let us know that “yeah, it really IS this f’d up.” They expand their protection and care to look after and feed those in need, especially those who are impacted by outcomes made possible by choices they were not a part of, those who are excluded (i.e. children).

While others are swept up in the busy work of resistance, the Nurturer focus on building up the interior reserves of psychic health. They are Warriors of Sensitivity – a tool we must not dilute. They imbue everything they touch with a reverence allowing us to embrace how precious life really is.

Bless the Nurturers who defends what is fragile from malice.



They hold at their center an altar of personal power. They stoke their coals continually to ensure they radiate at an issue’s center, lighting the way for others. By standing in the assured power of themselves and the power of capital L love, they show us we can show up and be our best selves no matter how grim the situation.

While others fear that our power is being taken, Power Keepers show us that we generate power from an internal, limitless source. They coat everything they touch with the shimmer of passion, showing us to be both sparkly and forceful.

Bless the Power Keepers whose will is channeled from the Eternal.


They dust off and sift through the decay of what has been left to rot. They diagnose what is actually needed and draw up a plan – A REAL LIFE, TANGIBLE, BULLET-POINTED PLAN! They organize ways to heal ourselves, our communities and our planet.

While others are busy strategizing ways to clear harm, Purifiers take their witch brooms to unkempt causes and just start sweeping. They bring a modesty to everything they touch, showing us how to be graceful in the face or horror.

Bless the Purifiers whose busy hands sift out precious metals from muck.


They understand right and wrong. The distinguish the difference between just law and decreed oppression. By using their social graces and ability to speak to both sides, they lean on the skewed spectrum of ‘opportunity’ to bring harmony and consensus. By talking with and understanding the opposition, they make room for improving strategy.

While others strive for all or nothing mentality, Justice Balancers find sweet spots where change can actually happen. They remind us to get even closer to our neighbors who hold opposing beliefs. They bring a sense of beauty to everything they touch and remind us that aesthetics and politics are intrinsically intertwined.

Bless the Justice Balancers who spread diplomacy into every possible corner.


They shed skins of outdated approaches. They torch. They burn decaying structures to the ground. By embracing ashes of death, Transformers show us we can always start anew.

While others try to put fires out with water pails, Transformers pour gasoline on shit that just isn’t working. There is an intensity on everything within their focus. They show us that our pursuits can go up in flames and we can still remain unscathed and better for it, integrating loss into ourselves without judgment or shame.

Bless the Transformers whose death magic makes way for the blinding light of virtue.


They search out and hit targets. By going out into the world with open curiosity, they embrace meaning as a construct layered upon by many difference perspectives. The know that the enemy of the intellect is isolation.

While others hunker down at their desks, Truth Seekers explore far reaching places, collect people and stories that show us a wide vision of what humanity is. There is an optimism embedded in their experiences that allow us to have faith in human decency.

Bless the Truth Seekers whose powers of magnification illuminate broad universal truths.


They are strong and steady moving. They don’t back down. By leading the way forward using pragmatic action and wit, Mountain Movers show us that we are all earth bodies held accountable based on what we do, not just what we believe.

While others pray for peace, Mountain Movers make change happen by actualizing in it’s participation. There is an integrity to everything they do, showing us how a Master  becomes impervious to trickery. They do not allow for evil to be normalized, they move mountains in front of evil’s advances.

Bless the Mountain Movers whose able efforts model the capacity of true leaders.


They know what people are thinking. They develop cosmic perspective by tuning into and interpreting a multitude of voices. With words, art and reason, the Community Builders reflect an alluring potentiality back to people that inspire them to come together.

While others are confused about how to add their individual efforts to the collective, Community Builders gather people together and show us our strength is in our numbers. There is a freshness to their ideas that inspires us to use creative thinking as a resource.

Bless the Community Builders who close gaps by linking arms.


They have an invisible resilience. They freely pass through veils of reality, logic, dreams and other dimensions, tasting the impermanence of all things. They allow people to be who they are, where they are. They allow the complexities of our responses to churn, explode and fade all while swimming along beside us. They do not try to control the chaos, they float in it knowing they are part of it.

While others search for the ‘why’, Chaos Swimmers know their power lies into their ability to surf the waves of the unknown. There is an iridescent to their movements, that show us existential absurdity and disorientation is real and that the world owes us nothing.

Bless the Chaos Swimmers whose receptivity takes away the pain of nihilism


We bring all of ourselves.

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