Fertility Tea Recipe

May 3, 2016

Fertility Tea Recipe

 Fertility Tea Recipe


The moon’s ingress into bountiful, voluptuous, abundant Taurus inspired me to share this simple and effective fertility tea recipe. In fact, these images were taken in February of 2014 when I made an intention filled batch. It has taken so long for me to share this post since, said batch worked so throughly — resulting in a forceful pregnancy and a year plus of wrangling a very vigorous baby boy. So my cautionary statement is that drinking this tea may result in huge life changes, and thwarted projects (such as a blog .. ahem ) so approach with a fierce desire for such.

However, baby-making is NOT the only reason to take steps toward ensuring your uterus is toned and nourished.  As Don Elijio Panti suggests, “If a woman’s uterus is out of balance, so is she.” If you are a person who bleeds, making a uterine tonic is restorative to create and drink. I believe that making our own medicines is one of the best ways to engage and embrace the cyclic processes and needs our own bodies.

There are many many different incredible herbs that works in conjunction with making one’s uterus happy. As always, I think it’s important for us to all individually note which plants we are drawn to, paying honor to our own higher intelligence. This just happens to be my simple recipe:


1 part Red Raspberry Leaf

1 part Nettles

1 part Red Clover

a sprinkle of rose buds

*optional infusion of Moonstone


A word about measurement in parts – When working with herbs it is much more effective to measure by weight rather than volume. You will notice that red raspberry leaf is so fluffy and lightweight that it may take twice the amount in volume to match the mass of nettles, which are more dense.

Fertility Tea Recipe

Red Raspberry Leaf

It has been used interchangeably with blackberry by the ancient Greeks, Chinese, Ayurvedics and American Indians as a treatment for wounds. In fact, it’s astringent nature helps to control excessive menstrual bleeding. Its well deserved reputation as a uterine tonic is due to it’s high content of fragrine. This alkaloid is known to strengthen the entire pelvic area, including the ovaries. Pregnant women can drink it liberally throughout their pregnancy as it tones the uterus in preparation for childbirth. Safe for breastfeeding Mama’s as well.


Red Clover

Red clover’s is rich in phytosterol and has been used for centuries to nourish hormones. It contains ten times more phytoestrogens than soy. Due to it’s hormonal constituents, red clover is unsurpassed as a fertility herb. Red clover helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, but due to it’s blood thinning effect, it may be best to avoid if you are prone to heavy bleeding.



Nettles. nourish. everything. But, seriously, they are abundant in Vitamin K and perfect for this blend.


Rosebuds & Moonstone

I added rosebuds to magnetically draw budding energy into this tea. I set the lid on top of the mason jar, upside down, holding a handful of tiny delicate moonstones. If you are trying to conceive, wearing moonstone as well as sleeping in the moonlight will harness the wild cyclic feminine intelligence.


Fertility Tea RecipeFertility Tea Recipe

Like most medicinal teas, it is best to use one cup of herbs to a quart or water, ensuring a strong infusion. Use your imagination to create your own fertility blends from some other likely allies including: lady’s mantle, chaste tea berries, don quai and cinnamon.

Sip often. Open your heart, create space in your life for what it calling itself to you. You are fertile to receive it.




**always remember I’m a witch and not a doctor, make life decisions accordingly:)


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