Jupiter Square Saturn / Closing Square 2016

May 13, 2016

Jupiter square Saturn

Transit dates & locations

These two giants square off in mutable signs for the final time of their closing square on May 26th, 2016. As I write this, naturally, we are reflecting on the first two transits and getting ready to integrate the third. This particular transit has had three direct hits:

dates & locations:

                 2015, August 3 // 28 degrees Leo/Scorpio

                 2016, March 23 //  16 degrees Virgo/ Sagittarius

                 2016, May 26  // 13 degrees Virgo / Sagittarius

All three of these direct hits make up the closing or waning square of their 20 year (19.859 to be exact) Jupiter-Saturn synodic cycle. This particular cycle, which began in May of 2000 will complete the totality of its journey when it closes to an end in December of 2020.

It may be helpful if this transit is having a great impact on your personal planets to look at the dates of the opening square as well as the opposition. But for brevity sake – these are the details we need to know for now as well as some broad strokes. Very Virgo-Sagittarius indeed.


Jupiter in Virgo -The self-known seeker

What are we serving? Does that which we serve hold dominion over us too tightly? What are we seeking? Is our appetite for The Search contributing to or negating our aligned health? What do we really know about ourselves, what do we really want to know about ourselves? Jupiter wants to ask ALL THE QUESTIONS and Virgo wants to sift out the worth and utility of ALL THE RESPONSES. Welcome to the nature of the Virgo-Sagittarius square.

“A servant does not ask questions” Jaqen instructs Arya in the most recent Game of Thrones episode. Unless, of course, that servant is under the influence of the Many Faceted Expansive Philosopher God. This is what I have been seeing of this placement. Where we are humble and seeking to know ourselves in all our parts, those are the areas where we are feeling our personal containment broaden. We are multifaceted and we are voyaging to the edges our ourselves through the questions we are asking. Perhaps, we are even receiving small gifts of recognition. Recognition for service is never the goal, but when service is methodically done in the hearts of the devout, a time for receiving does come. That gift can simply be the saturated feeling of graciousness and fulfillment, which in itself is enough. If however, we are in service to our own doubts or inner critics, if we are serving anything that does not align with our highest ideal of ourselves, those too will expand and find their place in our psyche. For most of us, it’s a little of both.

The practice of astrology: The healing power of our personal narratives is a Jupiter in Virgo practice. We are the stories we tell ourselves. We are servants to the stories of our ideals. The narrative of our existence can uplift us or rip us apart and this is the season to discern which is which. No wonder Jupiter is in its detriment here – it’s sticky business putting oneself under the microscope of analysis and it requires a highly developed awareness of self. It’s an inwardly focused energy, which is very different than the outward pleasure-seeking vibration where Jupiter feels at home. Yet, Virgo enhances the quality of that which is being sought: namely, our mature selves. Our personal narratives hold the key. Our stories can over-inflate our sense of self-importance. Our stories can keep us small and disempowered. Look at your chart. In which house does the Virgin Goddess hold her dominion? Practice being big in your modest self in this area of your life/in these particular narratives.

It would look something like this: 1st house – what are the stories you tell yourself about yourself, 2nd house – about your ability to have stable income and the resources you need available, 3rd house – about the way you view the world, 4th house – about your home and what is happening in your town/city. I think you get the point.

The gift in our collective consciousness of now: This is easy: Lemonade. Beyonce, the Virgo Goddess incarnate herself, is revealing what is looks like when a self-known priestess goes through the healing process of what to keep and what to discard. It is a gift of the healing quality of story-telling. It expands the scope of the Virgo archetype — we are no longer seeing it in it’s polished, modest and smiling form – it is showing its teeth, its guts. The process of making lemonade from lemons is fucking powerful. Virgo is fucking powerful. Did we forget that? Assumptions about victimization and betrayal and forgiveness and redemption are challenged. Knowing all your parts, knowing all your crazy, knowing your true capacity for love makes you very big indeed. There is nothing small about going on a healing journey through the analysis of your narratives surrounding expectation and loss. Healing from the mud and stones and waters of the earth is a form of divinity. It is untouchable. Devotion isn’t blindly given, it discerns what to dismantle using all tools available – thoughts, emotions, ancestors, beliefs. Jupiter is unfolding a vastness of our perception of Virgo. Yes, she is beautiful. Sure, she is humble and productive and shows up to the task. But also – she slays. We are actually seeing the Virgo archetype shift and expand in real time before our eyes – carrying us into the next 12 years. Thanks, Bey!


Saturn in Sagittarius – Consolidating Experiences

We have shot our arrows: some near, some far, some straight into the face of unwavering darkness. Some have flown acres above our sights, never coming close to their target, others have pierced the bullseye of our desires with great precision. Yet, still, there are arrows in our quiver wondering and waiting for their purpose, aching for a destination and starving for direction. It is probably not the time for their flight.  It is, however, the season to assess the arrows we’ve already flung into the far corners of our lives and pursuits. It is the time, to be honest about which experiences are worth picking up and carrying with us on the long journey ahead. We are consolidating our experiences.

The healing power of storytelling is seemingly at odds with, but in fact, working in tandem with the current limitations we are facing in our lives. Here’s the magic of working with Saturn in your practice: LET LIMITATION IN. Sure, push against it, stomp your feet and curse under your breath like a petulant teenager. But ultimately, accept that wherever you are limited you are being crystallized. According to astrologer Harriet Witt, there are two ways of “coming to matter,” and both require Saturn’s capacity for concentration:

(1)we concentrate on what we’re doing until we achieve concrete results;

(2) we concentrate on our life experiences until we crystallize them into gems of wisdom.

This second way of “coming to matter” eloquently describes the highest potential of Saturn’s stay in Sagittarius and definitely a highlight of this square. On the surface he is seemingly crushing all the fun – we want to go out into the world and frolic and explore and pay no mind. He will not have it. Under Saturn’s soft belly, however, we are drawing the fixation of our outward gaze from the exciting and unknown future to the now of what we have already experienced and acquired. There is wisdom there. For sure. Gems of wisdom! We need to really slow down and sit with it and an unusually long retrograding Mars is helping (high five Mars). The reveal of such a transit is giving us an opportunity to crystalize our experiences without discarding them before they have had a chance to form, or even worse, to sacrifice them for an exciting and new horizon. Where we have overextended ourselves we must now consolidate.

The practice of astrology: Look at your chart. In which house does the Pleasure Seeking Centaur hold dominion? You may have many hopes and visions here. They are being held and contained until they are refined enough to be prepared for flight. What would it look like to perform the magical saturnine act of LETTING LIMITATION IN here? What would it look like to scan through the experiences and journeys already completed in this area of your chart and distill them into one precious jewel of understanding. You have until December of 2017 to try.

The lesson in our collective consciousness of now:  Seeing the lens of our own privilege. Since Saturn’s ingress into Sagittarius I have seen a willingness for people to acknowledge, accept, confront and speak of privilege or lack of like never before. We live under the spell of productivity. Saturn = work / Sagittarius = opportunity. The (very American) myth that if you work hard and focus you will succeed no matter what opportunities you have been given is coming to terms. This very damaging notion makes assumptions that the playing field is even and that success comes from playing the game right. What hubris! “What privilege to even be entitled to such a view,” says Saturn. Since we are consolidating our experiences  (experiencing being the realm of Sagittarius) it’s time for us to consider what gave us all the fortunate opportunities of growth and expansion we’ve had thus far. I’ll give you a clue … if your race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or I.Q. have not severely impacted your available opportunities – you are privileged. If you have never lived in poverty, in war, in addiction, you are privileged. If you have a safe environment and are surrounded with love, you are privileged. What you have achieved is not solely based on your hard-working efforts. It is imbued with your privilege. This is a time to check any righteousness and we will see this continually play out on the world stage for another year and a half. So what do you do with your privilege? You admit your good fortune and take only what you need. A shadowed Sagittarius can be The Exploitive Imperialist. In the words of Ice Cube, Saturn is telling us to “check yo self before you wreck yo self.”  It’s the season to not only assess experiences but also to push out the limitations on any whose experiences and freedoms are limited by oppression. It’s the time to raise EVERYONE up and cheer on those who are reclaiming their voice, power and freedom for themselves.


SUSPENSION – Jupiter Square Saturn

Here we have two mutable, changing and fluid signs – one in the element of earth the other in fire.

We have two planets with opposing forces, once of expansion and the other constriction.

As Jupiter is trying to lift the mutable ground Saturn is applying gravitational force on ascension. We are in suspension. Like the nature all of squares themselves, being in suspension, is highly unstable. Dane Rudhyar called the closing square a crisis in consciousness. The themes of analysis and judgment echo this type of conscious crisis. We are analyzing our judgments and judging our analysis.

Yet, a closing square in any synodic cycle bears a flavor a suspension for a reason: it’s the loosely held breath between the manifestation & re-integration quarters. We are moving from harvesting to cultivating and for the first time in the cycle being pulling inward to initiate change not through external stimulus but rather inward reflection. At the third hit of this closing square we are integrating the reflected question.

There is a contradiction of healing false stories (I’m small) but also acknowledging truths we have not fully accepted (I’m fortunate). In astrology we often find the “both-and” philosophy applicable. In this case it’s the use of ‘both’ that cuts to the heart of the matter. We are at once healing our stories that keep us small and expanding the stories that uncover the truth about what freedom actually is. Analysis & Judgement.We are in the grips of analysis and under the scrutiny of our own judgements.

So, show up to class, pull up a seat and focus your microscope. There is a jovial yet masterfully cool teacher guiding the class.

Reflect and shine on, cosmic ones! Reflect on your stories, your experiences, your stories about your experiences. And as always – keep working your chart.


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