New Moon Ritual Steps

January 22, 2014


New Moon Ritual Steps



Purification leads to concentration. Although the ritual will alter your state of consciousness throughout its own unfolding, I find it extremely helpful to start with a clean and sparkly slate. Essentially, we need to clear away, brush down, banish out any energy present that does not support your ritual. This process initiates/ transforms your environment into sacred space.

Start with a ritual bath. If reading the word ‘bath’ makes you feel comatose, opt to energetically brush down your body. Adorn yourself in comfortable clothing, if you have a robe or shawl you meditate in, drape it on.

I find it helps to have one particular altar that I sit at for every new moon ritual if I’m indoors, if the weather is good– out I go. Clean/create your altar and place all the ritual items you will need in a row. Burn your favorite herbs or incense that inspires a calm mind, slowly clear the area with smoke, cleansing it, focusing intently on releasing any energy present that is stale, sticky, or negative. You can gently ask it to move along, while energetically pushing strongly outward from your heart, throat and third eye centers until you feel it pushed completely out of the space. You can use fancy banishing spells, but I ALWAYS put ritual in my own words “Hey! Hey you! Git outta here” usually works just as well.


Grounding your spirit into your body is primal and physical. In fact, you will be able to feel a tangible difference and a sense of being “locked in” once this is achieved. It does take time to build corporeal awareness at first. But even the subtlest sensation can be followed, cherished and built upon. Follow it. You can ground standing or sitting. I always stand since I can ground through my feet faster this way. Keep in mind the desired outcome for grounding — to call your spirit back into your self, to inhabit your entire body with your full being.

Stand facing North. Visualize the base of your tail bone being pulled into the earths core below your feet. Visualize what the core looks like to you. Is is a dark void, a streaming aquifer, smoldering lava, a shining sphere of solid gold? The earth’s core pulls in a eastward drift, the material driven by crystallization in the Western Hemisphere and melting in the Eastern Hemisphere. I use this idea of polarity to both push and pull as I ground.  Feel your body pull up the liquid energy of the grounded core through your right foot. Breathe it entirely up through the right side of your body– through your feet, root, tummy, lungs, throat, crown. Once you reach the top of your crown begin to loop this wave downward through the left side of your body. Exhale as you reverse the direction and feel this energy being pulled downward into crystalline form. Take as much time as you need, looping the energy through your system until you feel that the wave is breathing you.

Grounding may be completely basic or utterly challenging depending on the way you hold energy, emotion and breath in your body. For myself, pulling energy back into my body felt foreign at first. I’ve noticed that those who are highly sensitive or have loose boundaries and carry energy for others, first need to clear their system entirely before allowing their spirit to infuse their body completely. These beings benefit from regular self care practices as well as becoming proficient in detaching from others regularly.


Now, just “entering” deep meditation isn’t as easy as willing it to be so.  The more you sit the faster you can drop in. Daily meditations prove to always slip from my personal practice. Let’s face it, daily meditation is f’in hard. Especially, if you are young or your blood is quick.  Now there are many daily spiritual practices that involve deep presence or sharp focus which encourage a meditative state of mind ( writing, breathing through physical movement, reading, creating, playing). But what we are dealing with here is no thought, no action, no mantra, deep, still, silent, solitary, melting into source. Did I mention all encompassing silence? Releasing all components of yourself,  your identity, is no small feat.

Can you release your ego,  who you are in every possible way ? Can you do this until labeling yourself (gender, race, culture, life experience) becomes hazy and confining? Can you quiet your intellect until  rational thought become impossible? Can you disassociate from your physical body in every possible way until it feels like thin seashell encompassing your energetic core? This is what true meditation practice cultivates. When you meditate with stillness, you practice dying before you die.

I fantasize being an old woman with a rooted daily mediation practice. Rocking chair with cat on my lap. For now, I cherish new and full moon rituals where twice a month I can practice dropping into these states. If you practice true vulnerability regularly this time can can really be restorative and nourishing.


Cast a circle. No problem.  This is familiar to you even if you’ve only seen it here. Although, doing so will definitely not result in a carsploitation plot, it will certainty set the tone for a functioning ritual.

Casting a sphere is my variation on casting a circle. Both are ways to create a boundary for access to higher realms and protecting what you draw toward yourself. I find it most pragmatic to think of terms of spheres here. How far can you push your energetic field not just outward but in a bubble? I’ve found that radiating just outwards from the body is actually more difficult then radiating outward, upward and downward simultaneously.

We are all practiced at radiating our energy outward. In a primal form, when we are outraged or threatened we can psychically push our energy outward rapidly to protect ourselves. When we console a loved one who is truly wounded, we can envelope them in loving vibration and healing touch without having to think about it, literally bathing them in our energy. Think about the potent people you know. Chances are they are casting emotional spheres around themselves constantly. A chronically negative person will have a sphere surrounding them that can feel oppressive to be around. Have you ever thought, “I can’t be around that person right now.” That’s survival instinct. How about a uplifting and unwaveringly kind person you know. When you feel depleted you know that just being near this person can energize you. I could write a whole book on the politics of giving, receiving and combining spheres with others, but for now, it’s just important to consider that such magick is internal, basic and very common.

For ritual purposes you are trying to radiate an energetic sphere around yourself and ritual space. Do this in a way that works for you. I use breath and visualization here and it works perfectly for me. Perhaps you need movement or sound. Experiment with different techniques to discover the most direct path to finding yourself seating center in a strong, non judgmental energy sphere of loving protection.


Call spirits, guides, ancestors, deities or forces that you are familiar with or that support the specific intention at hand. This is so incredibly personal that there isn’t too much to say. Archetypal enegry runs rampant through many different forms. I encourage you to invite guides in as you feel ready. Notice any figures that you feel guidance from in day to day life.  It is okay to call whoever you need as long as you do so with love and reverence.  Plant devas, deceased great grandparents, house spirits or even Jesus Christ himself. There is no right or wrong. All you have to do is ask.


Now it’s time for the juicy part. The first five steps are insuring we have provided a place conducive to inviting change. Now we must state what that change is. Drawing an intention into being is a sort of prayer. If I were to distill moon rituals down to a simple prayer, the New Moon prayer would be, “Please help!” and the Full Moon prayer would be “Thank you!”

Since we are deconstructing the Please Help Prayer, there is a bit more groundwork. The ancient Greek phrase that eventually morphed into the motto, “God(dess) helps those who help themselves” enters here. Now, we know that divine force is gracious and loving. This is not to stay we have to earn anything. But there is a difference between wishing something and drawing it into being. There is no mindless wishing involved here.  This is magick. The tilling of like forces through your own will requires effort and eventually a sense of precision.  In order to prepare ourselves for the change we are asking for, we must run the energy of this change through our system to familiarize ourselves with it’s flavor. You can only draw change  into being if you allow it in.   The great mystic, Teresa of Avila mused that, “There are more tears shed over answered prayers than over unanswered prayers”. Running your intention through your physical body and thus your energy centers not only draws your intention toward you but illuminates its possibility ensuring you understand the gravity of what you are asking for.

An added benefit, of this New Moon Ritual is that it’s not neccesarily important to have a clear idea or your intention before you begin. In fact, New Moon Rituals are great exercises for FINDING what intentions are needed. As you bring your intention through the seven chakras, or energy centers, its form will begin to solidify. You have cleared your environment, grounded yourself, entered deep meditation, cast a sphere and called upon spirits. Now, seated in stillness, you draw your intention into being.




6a. FEEL the quality of this intention. Tune into your crown chakra, about a foot above your skull, what does your intention feel like? Here, the intention is in its most dissipated semblance, its ok if the feeling is hazy and disjointed. Imagine that your intention is a cloud of potential floating above you in its most undefined form. Feel it’s presence fill you.

6b. VISUALIZE your intention operating in your life. Bringing your awareness to your third eye center, draw a vision into being. What does is look like to have this intention come to fruition? Does it include elements you did not expect? Hold the vision and strengthen it with your breath.

6c. SPEAK your vision aloud. Focusing on your throat chakra, let the vibration of the words resonate around you. This is actually where your WILL is centered. Stay here and repeat as long as it takes to move the sound of your intention past feeling like a wish and into a sense of knowing. Continue to say it until you believe it and it no longer feels foreign in your throat.

6d. ACCEPT this truth and act of your will into your heart. Drop into your heart center and allow yourself to energetically envelope your intention with loving grace. Without holding onto or grasping the intention, imbue it with loving vibration. Accept whole heartedly it’s presence in your life.

6e. IGNITE your loving intention with a sense of purpose and ability, dropping it from your heart down into your solar plexus. Fill your solar plexus with your intention and feel your ability to materialize it. Draw on your strength, confidence and self knowledge here. Know that you are capable of drawing our intention toward you.Feel the ignition of effort and commitment that translates into taking actually steps toward your intention after your ritual is complete.

6f. DESIRE your intention completely. Drop it from your solar plexus, down into your sacral center. Bathe your intention in your desire for it to come into being. How badly do you desire it’s presence in your life?

6g. PLANT your desire in the ground below you. Move it down into your root chakra and feel how stable and dense your intention has become. Give it a home.


Sit in the vibration of your ritual and feel your seed of intention planted beneath you. Fill yourself with gratitude, for your awareness, your ability to deeply listen to your needs, for the presence of guiding forces within and around you.


Thank any and all deities, spirits or ancestors and let them know you are finished. Draw your energetic circuits back into your body. Drink water. This is a good time to journal about your experience if you feel moved to. Remember to water your intention with action in the following weeks and to lovingly tend to your sprouted seedling.


watchitgrowThis is one of many maps. Now you are well on your way to creating your own New Moon Ritual Steps!


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