May 3, 2018

The T-square is a very dynamic major configuration that will be easily recognizable to any native whose chart includes it. Agitating circumstances continually insert themselves into the life of the native, even when they truly want to chill. It can often spark longings that resemble an existential question, “when will get to the part of life that feels like smooth sailing?”



The T-Square consists of one opposition and two squares between at least three planets.

The point where the two squares intersect is called the APEX.



The native of the T-Square may not feel like they actively seek drama but it finds them regardless. However, discord in this major configuration embeds a higher purpose for engaging with the tensions at play in order to integrate them. Swimming away from a T-Square will only make the dynamism more volatile.

Do you  have a T-square?

If you do, first, congratulations!! Your existence is anything but boring. Your interior self or even the outer circumstances of your life tend to have a high level of movement and tension. With all the activity happening in your psyche you can be proud that you are really in it — the drama of life that is. It may never be smooth sailing for years at a time but you can learn how to enjoy the choppy joyride. Eventually, you can even learn how to perform dazzling displays of maneuvering with your sails. There is after all, a fine line between overwhelm and thrill. It’s a line you will learn to master by deeply engaging with your T-square.

Although, T-squares tend to cause friction and sometimes discomfort, it is the most common major configuration in the charts of individuals who have made an above average impact in the world. This illustrates the undercurrent of growth and purpose that this aspect pursues.

Astrologically, the opposing  planets in the configuration (the planets that are 180 degrees apart) meet resistance when trying to integrate since they are interrupted by the squared planet. The planet that squares the opposition, or the APEX and will give you a rich understanding of how the T-square anchors itself in the chart. The apex can often intensify the dynamic frictions between the planets involved. In simple terms, the square forces the opposition to be continually activated, often through conflict which, leads to the inability of the opposition to remain repressed or latent. Can you start to hear how this is truly a gift, albeit and explosive one? Repressed, these planets are not!

Whether the apex planet fuels the discord in the opposition or mediates it, is up to you t-square native.



After determining the apex planet and meditating on it’s role in this configuration, finding the modality is key.

(I usually don’t note “out-of-modality” T-Squares in consults since I use sign based aspects. When I do, the reasoning is too specific to the chart to generalize in a blog post:)

The modality signifies the fundamental way the T-Square expressed itself through the native’s life. I suggest you continue to research modality and it’s complexities but I will lay out some keywords and generalizations of how each functions in regard to the T-Square configuration.

Is your T-Square cardinal, fixed or mutable?


cardinal t-square

CARDINAL ( aries/ cancer/ libra / capricorn)

accelerating growth

desire to move ahead

confronting what is happening head on

assertive impulses


fixed t-square

FIXED ( taurus / leo / scorpio / aquarius )

emotional stamina

power reserves


drive to manage others

mutable t-square

MUTABLE ( gemini / virgo / sagittarius / pisces )


taxing the nervous system


dispersal of energy or foocus



There are many ways to approach integration of the magnificent T-Square. I will share three that are helpful to begin with.

Assessing  the Primary Needs of the Spirits

First, just asking each planet (or Divine Spirit) what it truly needs in moments of tension or conflict will help to give voice to each of the Spirits involved. The signs that the planets fall in will deeply impact the underlying needs. However, here is a beginners list of what each of these Spirits may be trying to achieve, or what they deeply want to express through you.

SUN : to be seen and recognized for who you are

MOON : to have emotions and intuition be honored and received

MERCURY : to be heard and to take necessary objective information into the situation at hand

VENUS : to be interconnected and understood

MARS : to be able to move the energy of the situation forward

JUPITER : to be allowed to be big, extra or indulgent

SATURN : to be given appreciation for the real tangible efforts the situation requires

URANUS : to expedite change and not continue to smolder in the uncomfortable energy

NEPTUNE : to allow the vision of a divine hand entering into the situation to inform how one contextualizes the experience

PLUTO : to bring to consciousness the underlying cause and destroy it or honor it

Lunations or Transits to the T-Square

Secondly, it is incredible what can happen when you pay attention to how lunation’s impact and activate your T-Square. Since the moon is the fastest moving celestial spirit, it will transverse, pass or transit your entire T-square in a matter of two weeks. If you tune into what sign the moon is every day and take note on the days it moves through the signs of your T-Square, you will be given a wealth of information. When it enters a sign activated by your T-Square, see if you can drop down deep into yourself and ask:

what is up for me today?

Where is my focus?

What am I truly feeling under the surface of my life?

And very importantly, what do I need right this moment?

Additionally, asking these questions in the context of the sign and house where the planet lives in the natal can illicit deeper interpretation.



The Missing Leg Approach

Lastly, find the house OPPOSITE the apex planet and bring your attention there. Insight has been gathering from finding the “empty leg” of the T-Square or the position in the chart that would create a full four-sided square. Often times, we are instinctively drawn to stabilize this area of life so the T-Square has a sense of balance. After all, a three-legged table has a wobble, but a four-legged one feel solid.  The functions of the house and characteristics of the sign can often denote what is needed to reach a point of integration. Technically, the way these work it is includes the missing sign of the modality. Each modality has 4 signs and a T-Square activate 3 within a particular modality. Looking to the the missing modality will be very helpful. See if if illustrates a theme that exists in another part of the natal chart.


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