The Mutable Grand Cross 2016

June 5, 2016

The Mutable Grand Cross 2016

The Mutable Grand Cross 2016

In the image of the astroboard above, you can get a general sense of what a Grand Cross looks like. Each individual planet is squaring two planets and opposing another. The astrologer Carol Ferris once described the energy of a Grand Cross to be akin to sitting at the breakfast table with four distinct personalities telling you four distinctly different directions to take your attention to.

Transit Dates & Locations

Here, we will be experiencing a pretty tight and extremely dynamic Mutable Grand Cross.

June 3rd-6th, 2016  // 

                      Venus in Gemini 12-15 degrees

                      Jupiter in Virgo 14 degrees

                      Saturn in Sagittarius 13 degrees

                      Neptune in Pisces 12 degrees

If you have planets near any of these degrees, hold onto your hats. Actually, let them blow away to the wind – this is in fact, what this whole transit is about.

A Mutable Grand Cross

A Grand Cross can occur in each modality, but was does a MUTABLE Grand Cross signify? I always try to explain modalities in terms of superpowers as our languaging can often give preference to energies dominant within our culture. Each is an important, necessary part of a much larger functioning whole and each possesses a very powerful purpose. The mutable signs’ super power is ADAPTABILITY. Although each one of these signs adapts in very differentiated ways, they have a common thread of openness, assessment and fluidity.

This energy of changeability and fluidity can help us to stay light under the pressure of so many squaring aspects.This is probably not a great time to make conclusions or holding ideas and feelings too tightly. It is however, a time that is literally crafted by the stars, for LEARNING.

What happens when your four distinct breakfast guests offer four distinct ways of learning? Well, I think it would be wise to remember we are creatures with multiple intelligences and learning styles. Also, keep in mind that all four of these mutables can often struggle (in very different ways) with the ability to truly LISTEN.


A Brief Synopsis

Gemini thinks it knows because it is intelligent. Yet, intelligence and self-awareness are different abilities. This is something that often gets planets in Gemini into trouble. Can Gemini really listen to what others are saying about their behavior, or will it continue to think it is the best judge of itself? Virgo can problem solve and analyze like nobody’s business but can it really listen to the space between determining and what is not meant to be determined? Sagittarius can see the big picture and learn from experience, but can it really listen to those who have opposing beliefs and experiencing different results? Finally, Pisces is so sure about the way it contextualizes the human experiences but can it validate other contexts by listening and not just resting on the protected feeling of knowing?

Here we have:

Jupiter in Virgo — Expanding the analysis of narrative

Venus  in Gemini — Articulating relational cues

Saturn in Sagittarius — Restructuring belief systems

Neptune in Pisces — Experiencing the boundless nature the unconscious

Now if we replace those “vs.” with “listens to” we will all successfully come out of this Mutable Grand Cross intact. If we listen real hard we are going to learn a whole hell of a lot!
Listen and shine on, cosmic ones! Listen to others’ stories, thoughts, experiences, and feelings. And as always – keep working your chart.

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